Bruce Pratt 
Novelist, Short Story Writer, Poet, Dramatist, 
Essayist, Musician, and Teacher 

Mentoring Services and Contact Information

Bruce mentors a limited number of private fiction students, many of whom are considering enrolling in MFA programs. Generally such arrangements are for three to six months. Students send an agreed upon number of pages of new work each month by post with return envelope and postage. Their manuscripts are returned by mail within two weeks, with suggested edits, and a full critique. Some email correspondence may also be included in this mentoring. To get more specific information send an email to

To enquire about Bruce’s availability for writing conferences, book signings and readings, or for opportunities for him to work with your book group, either electronically or in person, or for inscribed copies of either his novel The Serpents of Blissfull or his poetry collection Boreal email him at, or call 207-843-7502 during regular business hours on the east coast.

Bruce no longer performs regularly as a singer songwriter, but is available for occasional dates, and cassette or vinyl copies of some of his albums are available from

"Bruce Pratt writes with the ear of a musician, the insight of a poet, the heart of a dramatist, and the sparkle of a fireside storyteller. He is every one of these men and more, and he brings them all to the table in his debut novel, a brilliant, literary page-turner called The Serpents of Blissfull, a fiercely American saga that dances between hilarity and pathos as we shadow a wild-eyed hero with a damn-fool dream up and down the mountains of West Virginia. Hard-drinking, hard-loving, hard-living Isaac Stubbs never gives up, and he never lets down.  Neither does this book."

Mike Kimball, award winning dramatist and screenwriter and author of the novels, Mouth To Mouth, Green Girls, Undone, and Firewater Pond.

"Like the people in Bruce Pratt's hardscrabble heaven of Blissfull, West Virginia and its environs, you may or may not want to live there, but it hardly matters because once you get Isaac Butts' voice in your ear, you can't leave. In Butts, Pratt has created a smart and soulful narrator whom we'll gladly listen to all night and into the morning.  The Serpents of Blissful is a grand feat of storytelling. Bravo!"

            Richard Hoffman, author of
Half the House: A Memoir, Interference & Other Stories, and winner of the Barrow Street Prize for the poetry collection Gold Star Road.

For manuscript submissions, please direct inquiries to

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